Health Warnings on Electronic Smoking Device (ESD)

Electronic smoking device (ESD) means Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems / Electronic Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS/ENNDS), Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs), and other new and emerging smoking devices, including consumables, e.g. e-liquids and heat sticks. 
Pictorial health warnings or standardized packaging is applied on ESD in the following countries: 
New Zealand: HTP with pictorial health warnings in standardized packaging

(PMI’s IQOS heat stick – Heets)

(Photo credit: Ministry of Health, New Zealand)

Israel: ENDS and HTP in standardized packaging 

(JUUL and IQOS heat stick – Heets)

Before and after standardised packaging
Standardised packaging


Heets heatsticks for IQOS

(Photo credit: FCA) 

Malaysia: HTP with pictorial health warnings 
(BAT’s GLO heat stick – NEO)

NEO stick sold in different flavours

(Photo credit: Ministry of Health Malaysia)

Philippines: Pictorial health warnings for ENDS and HTPs
(Effective by 11 May 2022)
Source: Department of Health. (2021). Administrative Order-2021-0054 First (1) set of graphic health warning templates on vapor products, heated tobacco products, and other similar products pursuant to Republic Act Nos. 11346 and 10643. Department of Health, Philippines. 
South Korea: HTP with pictorial health warnings
(KT&G’s Lil Hybrid heat stick – MIIX)

Heat Stick





The Miix heat sticks come in different flavours.

Lil Hybrid requires two kinds of refills: Miix heat stick and a liquid cartridge.

 Liquid CartridgeLiquid cartridge intended for use with Miix heat stick – no PHW as it does not contain nicotine (not tobacco product according to the law)

(Photo credit: National Tobacco Control Center, Republic of Korea)

South Korea: ENDS with PHW

(Photo credit: Angtyu. “Juul has officially launched here in Korea”. Reddit.

South Korea: ENDS with PHW

Horizontal type
Vertical type
Cylinder type

(Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare. (2020). The 3rd Manual for Marking the Warning Picture and Phrases on Packaging of Tobacco. National Tobacco Control Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare, South Korea.)