International Requirement under FCTC

All countries that have ratified the FCTC (i.e., “Parties”), are required to implement packaging and labelling measures under FCTC Article.

FCTC Article 11Each Party  shall,  within  a period  of three  years  after  entry  into force  of this  Convention for  that  Party, adopt  and implement, in accordance with  its  national  law,  effective measures  to  ensure that:….Each  unit  packet  and  package  of  tobacco  products and  any outside   packaging  and  labelling of  such  products also  carry health  warnings describing the  harmful effects  of  tobacco  use, and  may  include  other  appropriate messages.  These  warnings and messages: (i) shall  be approved by the competent national authority; (ii) shall be rotating; (iii) shall be large, clear, visible and legible;  (iv) should  be 50% or more of the principal display  areas but  shall  be no less than 30% of the principal display  areas;  (v) may be in the form of or include  pictures or pictograms.

In addition, Article 11 Guidelines were developed and adopted to provide additional guidance on implementing health warnings ( While Parties are not required to implement the recommendations included in the Guidelines, the Guidelines are based on international best practice and intended to assist countries seeking to develop effective health warnings. These recommendations have been integrated in the following sections.

Laws and Regulations

FCTC Article 11 Guidelines
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 11
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control