World’s Largest Cigarette Package Health Warnings – Historical Evolution

Below is a listing of each occasion where a new world precedent was set in terms of the size of cigarette package health warnings.   The listing below refers to size as an average of the package front and back.  The listing includes the year of implementation.
Historical Evolution PHWRanking
There has been an encouraging, continued progression in terms of increasing the size of package warnings.
1. The size of the warning including the border may vary somewhat depending on package format.
2. The 1994 Canadian warnings were 25% plus a 3mm border that surrounded the warning.  This worked out to be about 35% including the border, although this varied depending on package format.   Poland has also been included in the listing because at the time it had the world‘s largest warning size without a border. (Poland did not require a border at the time.)
3. Australia includes requires a message on fire risk that covers 10% of the back of the package.  Including this other mandatory message, the total size required by Australia as of 2012 was (and remains) 87.5% including the front and back.